Rishi Bommasani

Hi! I'm a third-year Stanford CS Ph.D. advised by Percy Liang and Dan Jurafsky.
I helped build and organize the Center for Research on Foundation Models (CRFM).
Affiliations: Stanford NLP, Stanford AI, and Stanford HAI. Funding: NSF GRFP.

I began my research journey at Cornell (BA Math & CS '16-'19, MS CS '19-'20) under the masterful guidance of Claire Cardie.
I am honored to have learned from the late Professor Arzoo Katiyar, who I profoundly miss.
During my time there, Cornell CS was my home: the department wrote this about my journey. [Profile] [Profile 2]

I research the societal impact of AI, especially foundation models.


  • July 2023 Talk at United Nations Conference on Large Generative Models (Host: Philipp Hacker, Sarah Hammer)
  • July 2023 Panel at ICML workshop on Efficient Systems for Foundation Models
  • July 2023 Panel on Language Models, Law, and Policy at NYU School of Law (Host: Paul Friedl, Gabriel Nicholas)
  • June 2023 Talk at Northeastern's AI and Data Ethics Summer School
  • June 2023 Talk at NIST Measurement and Evaluation Series (Host: Afzal Godil)
  • May 2023 Talk at Princeton's CITP Seminar (Host: Arvind Narayanan)
  • May 2023 Talk at NYU (Host: Julian Michael, Sam Bowman)
  • April 2023 Attending workshop on Algorithmic Amplification at Columbia (Host: Arvind Narayanan)
  • April 2023 Talk at Cornell's NLP Seminar (Host: Yoav Artzi)
  • February 2023 Talk at ML Collective (Host: Rosanne Liu)
  • February 2023 Guest lecture for MIT MAS.S68 (Host: Deb Roy, Shayne Longpre, Hang Jiang, Hope Schroeder)
  • February 2023 Talk at ENS Paris (Host: Emmanuel Dupoux, Tu Anh Nguyen, Mathieu Rita)
  • January 2023 Talk at Technion (Host: Yonatan Belinkov, Zachary Bamberger)
  • January 2023 Talk at Partnership on AI (Host: Madhulika Srikumar, Elissa Redmiles)
  • December 2022 Guest lecture for CMU CS 15-884 (Host: Aditi Raghunathan)
  • October 2022 Talk at OSU's CSE AI Seminar (Host: Yu Su, Huan Sun, Harry Chao)
  • August 2022 Fireside chat with Percy at Congressional Boot Camp on Artificial Intelligence (Host: Stanford HAI)
  • October 2021 Talk at MIT NLP (Host: Jacob Andreas, Belinda Li)
  • October 2021 Talk at FAIR NLP (Host: Myle Ott)

What have I been up to?