Rishi Bommasani

Hi! I'm a M.S. student in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University and I am part of the Cornell NLP group. I also did my undergrad at Cornell and graduated with degrees in mathematics and computer science in Spring 2019.

My research focuses on data understanding for NLP as a mechanism for inducing useful guarantees and improving downstream performance of (neural) models. In general, I am interested in injecting soundness into modern NLP systems and practices without compromising performance. Recently, I have become interested in thinking about problems of fairness, privacy, security, and ethics in NLP and trying to provide rigorous and provable guarantees with respect to these emergent and timely concerns in NLP.

I am extremely fortunate that Claire Cardie has been my research adviser during my undergrad and now during my M.S. My thesis committee is Claire (chair) and Bobby Kleinberg.

I have spent two summers as a research intern in the DeepSpeech group at Mozilla, advised by Dr. Kelly Davis. I also spent a summer at Cornell as a NSF REU researcher.

During my academic career, teaching has been an integral part of my life. Similarly, I have found great joy in serving my department.

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